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‘Festival de Pasteles’ in Pital de Megua – a delicious trek

A pastele
A delicious pastele at the Festival de la Pastele in Pital de Megua. Image: lavibrante.com

This past Saturday we went to Pital de Megua, a village of the Baranoa township, located just thirty kilometers from Barranquilla on the route to Cartagena. Pital de Megua is a beautiful little place that once a year at the end of June plays host to the “Festival de Pastel” an event that draws crowds from across the region to sample the thousands of variations of what locals call pastel, but what everyone else refers to as tamales, a rice mixture containing variations of meats and vegetables including chicken, pork, carrot and even Armadillo!

In the center of the town is a large square, or plaza, where the townswomen (more than 50) gathered to display their offerings to the visitors who sample a little from each table, though just one pastelle is more than enough for one person. As is common in towns along the coast, the organizers had set up a huge sound system (colloquially called a ‘Pico’) and were blasting reggaeton.. Not our cup of tea, but to each his own. Overall, it was a nice trip for the afternoon and a very delicious meal!

Take note – the road to Pital de Megua is unpaved and can be treacherous, especially during the rainy season. If you go,.make sure to take a vehicle than can handle the trip


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