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Head to Zaitun for Colombian-Lebanese Fusion


Just under two decades ago, Zaitun opened it’s doors in Barranquilla and within no time at all, owner and chef Alex Quessep has grown it into a local institution. It’s no surprise that patrons keep coming back again and again; like the menu, the servings are enormous, and each dish packs a wallop of tantalizing flavor.

According to Alex, of Syrian-Lebanese ancestry, the food he serves is what he remembers eating as a child; home-cooked food typical to the Caribbean and to Mediterranean cultures. Says Alex, “the Arab culinary experience in Colombia has transformed into a statement of cultural richness”. At each of his quaint restaurants along the coast and within the interior of Colombia, Quessep treats patrons to a wide variety of delectable dishes, drawing distinct flavors from across the planet such as coconut milk, cilantro, mint, cumin, aromatic herbs, and achotado oil; everything you’d expect of a restaurant serving up Caribbean Mediterranean.

Weaving together exotic flavors and fresh ingredients, Zaitun is the perfect place for meat-connoisseurs and vegetarians alike. In addition to a variety of fish and juicy steaks, Chef Quessop offers a wide selection of original recipe salads characterized by an abundance of vegetables and spices, fruit-juices, nuts, cheeses and sauces, tossing in Middle Eastern favorites like falafel and kibbeh.

Perfectly complementing the great food, Zaitun’s artistically-designed interiors are refreshing and tasteful, creating a peaceful ambiance perfectly for social gatherings.

Zaitun has two locations in Barranquilla:
1. Cra 51b #85-74 For reservations, call: 57(5) 378-6660
2. Plaza de Parque 





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